A tenant rented a house where a single father was raising his child. He lived with the single father. The tenant was an idle gangster. The single father was a deputy director of an agency. He disliked the tenant very much and often gave him advice. He was afraid of him. He brought up his children badly. He once discussed with the tenant about raising the rent next month (in fact, he wanted to use this opportunity to force the tenant out). He also said that he often came back in the middle of the night to disturb the children’s rest. The tenant was helpless and angry, so he told him to give him a day to think about it, and then complained about it to his friend group. The friends gave him an idea, asking him to add drugs in the water to stun the single father, and then tie him up. , tickling the soles of his feet, armpits, and the inner thighs, and then recording it while scratching, as a form of revenge and coercion. If he finds trouble again, he will send the video out. The single father who works in a government agency is very afraid of this kind of threat, so he can only compromise in the end. Unexpectedly, this little gangster was not over yet and started a live broadcast on Douyin…




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